I’m not old.  I’m barely middle aged, if most of us lived until 120 years old or so (thanks to Michael Caine for that definition).  I’m not a prude.

Why, then, do I react negatively to how young people, especially young women, debase themselves so aggressively?  Look at Katy Perry.  Nice enough young woman who writes clever songs, but should we assume she’s being ironic, or that she’s an exhibitionist?  “California Gurls” is a funny video on one level, but doesn’t it turn women into sex objects in the worst way?  Kim Kardashian and her sisters?  What are we supposed to think about them?  They make sex tapes, dress in suggestive, often quite unflattering, ways, yet they are ‘famous’ for what?  Being famous?  Being slutty looking?  What does slutty even mean in 2010?  I’m old enough to remember the Gabor sisters, and how they lived to be famous for being famous, so the Kardashians themselves do not annoy me.  Yet, even the Gabor sisters, no matter how often they married, or how stupid they acted (when in fact they were quite smart), did not seem to turn themselves into cartoon characters on par with Jessica Rabbit.

When you post a sex tape on Facebook, when you engage in ‘sexting’ photos of your private parts, when you ‘hook up’ with guys you just met, what does that mean for the world your own daughters will inhabit?  Do you really think you are ‘liberated’ by your conduct, or do you feel compelled to act that way because of the competition?  Can a plain girl, a girl who just likes to wear a t-shirt and jeans on Saturday, no makeup, can she really compete?  That’s another beef of mine…at age 20, we went out of our way to avoid makeup, to avoid dressing up, to avoid being ‘domestic’.  Girls today seem to refuse to even go to the market without plastering on foundation, false eyelashes and botoxed lips.

What happened?